Welcome to Free Spirit Forest School!

NEW FOR FALL 2017!!!

MONDAY – *NEW* 8:45am – 3:30pm

Ages: 4 – 8


TUESDAY-THURSDAY – 8:45am – 3:30pm

Ages: 6 – 11


FRIDAY – *NEW* Second Day Students –

8:45am – 3:30pm

Ages: 6 – 11


(This is a day that is unique to the other days, where we dive into a deeper understanding of themes, or explore different ideas.  We also welcome one-day students.)


What is Forest School?

Forest School is an opportunity for children to engage in outdoor education through emergent, place- and play-based learning. Our Forest School helps children feel connected to nature and simultaneously increase appreciation of the environment, while cultivating environmental stewardship.

How Does Forest School Work?

Forest School is holistic approach to learning that encourages children to engage in their natural environment in a meaningful way. Students spend the majority of their day immersed in the outside world – rain or shine! Children develop a sense of self that is connected to nature and inspires the feeling of belonging in nature.  Students have endless opportunities to not only explore, but push their own limits and imagination, take control of their learning experiences and, most of all, play.

Why Outside?

When we spend our days in the woods and creeks, children learn through their own exploration – and it’s developmentally appropriate! Keeping it local gives students an appreciation of all the wonders of their own backyards.  As we immerse our learning-community in the same outdoor setting on a regular basis, students develop a lasting connection with (and respect for) nature.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to foster rich learning experiences, ecological literacy, and healthy living by connecting children to nature through the Forest School  in the  primary years.

Our vision is for all children to play and learn in local forests, creeks, meadows, prairie grasses, mountains, and shorelines with a wise and skilled educator who understands the power of play and child-directed learning and how this can contribute to a more sustainable world. (Source: Forest School Canada)

Benefits of Forest School

Our Forest School is a nature based education program that provides hands on learning experiences outside. Our teachers are outdoor mentors inspiring the children to appreciate and connect with nature.

Research shows that Forest School improves:

  • gross motor skills
  • fine motor skills
  • physical fitness and stamina
  • concentration
  • motivation
  • self-esteem
  • self-confidence
  • independence
  • ability to work with others
  • language development
  • understanding and respect for nature

“Let Nature be your teacher.” – William Wordsworth

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