Good-bye Winter, Hello Spring

Hey Friends!

This week at Forest School we spent our last day of Winter semester building shelters for our community, student led games and reflecting on our time spent with each other. A little fun was also spent around the fire-creating banana boats. Another epic day!

Our morning was spent discovering animals and natural objects around our fishpond, which naturally led into building chipmunk’s and fairy shelters. We then shifted our focus onto shelters for our school. Teamwork, communication and imagination were a huge part of this project. With the use of natural and man made objects our students created the start of their ultimate tree fort!

We also spent some time playing games that our students created, our kids have some amazing imagination!

Ancient Egypt Mummy Attack

Which consisted of two mummy’s and 5 relics.

  • Sunflower (gave life)
  • Painted rock (super strength)
  • Medallion (unlocks secrets)
  • Bandana (power to see the unseen)
  • Block with numbers (code)

The goal of the game is to find all the relics and get them to the safe zone before getting caught by the mummy’s.

Dead ants – All ants have to run to different safe zones without getting caught by the anteater.

A few other games were obstacle course and pass the barrier game.

These are awesome games and definitely will be played again!

To finish off our day we took some time to relax and reflected on our time at Forest School. We shared our favourite memories, skills we have gained and beads we have accomplished. Finishing off with report cards and our Winter semester video, which you can watch below.


Thank-you to all the students and parents for being apart of our FIRST Winter semester. All out students came to school ready for an adventure with lots of layers, snacks and happy faces! We had so much fun this semester and looking forward to Spring. Thank-you for taking this adventure with us!

Next Week – Our first day of Spring! Outdoor Skills and Thrills.

Until next week!!

Krista and Neal

Our Video









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